Yum-Yum Donuts and Winchell’s Donut House are One and the Same

I rarely eat donuts anymore but I love them!  My studio is near a Yum-Yum Donuts and if you follow me on Instagram you will  often see Yum-Yum donuts  listed as my location.

In 1990, when I was completing my undergraduate degree in sculpture at Kansas City Art Institute I wrote a poem about Winchell’s Donut House. At the time I liked to work in the studio all night and would hang out at a local Winchell’s Donut House for fuel and inspiration. I was on a macrobiotic diet and rarely drank alcohol and did not smoke weed,  so caffeine and sugar were my drugs of choice. And cigarettes of course! Back in the day you could smoke cigarettes everywhere!

Smoking with the Homeless @ Winchells
I’ll give you a stern lecture
About making a Lord -n-Savior
Out of a baby
This is an Arabic nation
Christ found the Holy Grail
Married Mary Magdaline
He’s still alive in Tampa, FLA.
The Shriner Capital of the USA
All that Dust
When you make a baby Lord Savior
You lose in the end
When you change the Sabbath
From Saturday to Sunday
You lose in the end
I talk to the Squirrels
I’m gonna get me a big bag of peanuts
And I’m gonna feed the Squirrels
As many peanuts as I can get my hands on
When I get back home
I’m gonna get me
A big NO SMOKING sign
For my house
It will be a
House of Christ

©margie schnibbe 1990

Bonus Material:
We did not have Winchell’s where I grew up – we had Duncan Donuts. And the  Duncan Donuts in Hartsdale, NY. where I had spent many marijuana-infused nights as a teenager is still open. I remembered that it was near the pet cemetery and that’s still there too. Sounds like a day trip the next time I’m back home visiting my mother!

From Wikipedia: In 2005, it (Winchell’s) withdrew from the Kansas City area, and most locations became Krispy Kreme.

Kansas City Shrine (Front Room), Mixed-Media, Dimensions Variable. 1991


Author: Margie Schnibbe

I am a multidisciplinary artist making videos, films, drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, writings, zines, music and performances for over thirty years.

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