Indecent Exposure Now Online (Yay!)

Thanks to requests from friends  who were unable to attend my xxx video retrospective at Human Resources, I have put the program online. The Indecent Exposure program guide now contains links to all of the streaming videos. I would like to exhibit this ninety-nine minute video program in NYC  in a gallery or not-for-profit space. If anyone has any leads or recommendations please email me.
video still: Mistess Samantha Diet Doctor (1994)

video still: I Had Sex with a Gigolo on Reality TV (2015)

View more about the Indecent Exposure exhibition here 

Art Making Art Moving Art Storage

These  works (2007-2012)  have appeared in my videos, in interviews online and in print, and at an open studio I hosted.  During these years I exhibited and sold other works through galleries, but not these particular pieces. One artist friend told me “Put this work away and start over” and eventually that is what I did. All the work was moved in September 2014 and now everything is here with me at the studio and in my shipping container. One day I hope to find a good home for all of this work!

RRmovers800Rock ‘n’ Roll Movers = Fantastic movers! Also super-fun fine art handlers!