Love Poem For Clay

Hello old friend (first love)
You saved me from my troubled teenage year
Then you stopped speaking to me
When I was challenged (at war)
With the toxic masculinity
I encountered as a student in the Midwest

Later in life you (my friend) came back to me
When I was struggling with grief
With the loss of intimacy and love
Your warmth reconnected me to the earth
Your soft touch healed fresh wounds

Today we are separated again
This time by a global pandemic
But this is not forever I long for the day
When we can be together again

maybe possibly perhaps drawing series 2021

This unique acrylic paint on acid-free paper drawing is one in a series of twenty, inspired by the five-hundred dollars I owe the LADWP (Los Angeles Department of Water and Power) in past due utility bills and my frustration with Microsoft Office 365 Outlook email advising me “that words expressing uncertainty lessen your impact” each time I compose an email containing the words maybe, possibly or perhaps.

I am selling the drawings in this series at a discounted price to raise money to pay my past-due LADWP balance. When I sell all twenty drawings in this series I will have enough money to pay my debt to the LADWP.

As for my relationship with Microsoft Office 365? … It’s complicated.

This drawing was made in 2021 and is signed and dated on the back.

Purchase this drawing here

I Talk to You

I Talk to You: Performance for Sale in My Etsy Shop

This artwork is called “I Talk to You” and it is a performance piece. In the performance I talk to you and you talk to me if you want, or I can just talk to you. You don’t have to talk unless you want to. You can tell me about your life. I can tell you about my life. We can talk about poetry. We can talk about the weather. We can talk about pets. We can talk about friends. We can talk about food. We can talk about social justice. We can talk about anything that does not violate the Etsy terms of service. After the performance I will write you a note on the back of this unique 4” x 6” ink (“I Talk to You”) drawing, sign it, date it, and mail it to you in an envelope.

The price for this performance artwork is $50 for a 20-minute performance. When I receive the purchase confirmation email I will respond to schedule a date and time for the performance. You can choose an audio or video performance-whatever you prefer. Thank you so much for your interest in Margie Schnibbe Bad At Crafts. I look forward to talking to you!

Springtime Ascot Hills Paintings in My Etsy Shop SchnibbeBADatCRAFTs

In this video I talk about my inspiration and painting process for the series Springtime Ascot Hills. Purchase these paintings (and more) in my Etsy shop SchnibbeBADatCRAFTS. Thank you for listening/supporting/sharing!

The New Breed of Rugged Male (2015)

During one session in 2015, my psychotherapist surprised me by saying I was a sex addict. I assumed this was due to my promiscuity and felt unfairly judged. When I returned home that evening I made a series of collages. This is one collage from that series.

When I look at this series today I ask myself a few questions:
1) Was I castrating the hot men I slept with?
2) Was I castrating my psychotherapist?
3) Was I castrating myself?

The images and the title of the series were found in an issue of Stallion magazine from the 1980’s. I purchased the vintage gay porn magazine at Circus of Books in Silver Lake, Los Angeles in 2012.

*Please note: The background paper is uniformly white. This image is scanned on a flatbed scanner and some of the background color may appear uneven due to the scanning process.

artwork size: 11″ x 14″
materials: vintage magazine photo, paper, glue, thread

This artwork is for sale at SchnibbeBADatCRAFTS