Venting My Anger @ College Health IPA, Overdrive & Hoopla. Starting Over with Number 10: A New Starting Point in My Life…

I can no longer find free online streaming (not downloadable) good audio books on Hoopla and  some other (now) shit app connected to Los Angeles Public Library that used to be good 6 months ago… hmmm maybe it’s called … Overdrive? All these apps want me to download mp3 files and when I hit “download” I either receive an ERROR message or the mp3s show up NOWHERE on my iPhone- not in iTunes, not in iBooks, and no Google search/message board has ever helped me find them. HELLO!  if SMART PHONES are COMPUTERS why isn’t there a proper FILE SEARCH FUNCTION on the fucking iPhone?
So for the moment I’ve given up on audio books since I don’t have any extra money and can’t afford to pay for AUDIBLE. Now in the car and at the gym I listen to astrologers, psychics, and tarot card readers on YouTube for free. Perhaps this is good for me since just this week my insurance company cancelled payments to my psychotherapist due to some kind of recent network restructuring. Fuck you College Health IPA aka CHIPA!  After 2.5 years seeing a kind, compassionate, generous, gay, older PhD psychotherapist working in West Hollywood I should now just switch to any random therapist on your “APPROVED” list? (And for years my therapist  had been “APPROVED” until you recently “DENIED” his re-application for network “APPROVAL” ?)
POOP FUCK FACE, ink on paper 17″ x 11″, 2017.  

POOP FUCK FACE to you CHIPA and your fake healthcare. You don’t care about people you only care about money. Now I am ON MY OWN again and this is my best month ever!  I am sure of this because my three favorite YouTube astrologers Kelley Rosano, Terence Guardino  and Sasha Bonasin  have told me so. Thank you YouTube for saving my life. I’m making art everyday. Peace.

Author: Margie Schnibbe

I am a multidisciplinary artist making videos, films, drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, writings, zines, music and performances for over thirty years.

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