PISSED OFF – Dominatrixes Against Donald Trump Karnival of Kink

I made these buttons to support the Dominatrixes Against Donald project. If you want to hang out with me tonight I’ll be at this party handing out buttons and encouraging people to make donations to D.A.D.

The Female Supremacy Party presents PISSED OFF – Dominatrixes Against Donald Trump Karnival of Kink … where anything can happen…

Saturday 27 May 2017 @ Tom of Finland Foundation, 1421 Laveta Terrace, Los Angeles 90026

Tickets (0-$250) available here

(Admission is free for press. If you are press, follow the link and RSVP as press and please help promote the project.)

7:30pm Doors Open
8pm Dinner and Wine Served
9pm Belly Dance by Fetish Model Alsana Sin
10pm Play Party in the Torture Garden! Outdoor Play with LA’s Top Dommes!
$20 for 5 minutes outdoor play with the Mistress of your choice
$50 for 15 minutes in the Sick Clinic
$250 to be a human urinal
$250 to be Kidnapped and and tortured in the basement dungeon at The Tom of Finland Foundation.
You won’t know which Mistress or when, but it will be one of these lovely Ladies Introducing Stella Liberty • An Li • Grace Marie • Mistress Marina of the Dominion • Simone Justice and of course Tara Indiana
with a special appearance by Foxxy Lambrusco

Performance + Video + Fine Art
Dulcinea Circelli • Michael Q. Schmidt • Cintia Segovia • Sona Lee Glenn Zucman • John Moletress • Genevieve Belleveau • Peter Kalisch • Isaiah Ulloa • Aliza J Bejarano • Vena Virago • Kendra Cryan • Tom Lasley • Dominic Quagliozzi • Ekashma Das • Stephen N. Adamo • Michael Mercurio • Huitzel • Mellisa Williamson • Katie Herzog • Margie Schnibbe • Eniko Galfi • Gilbert Geefresh + more

Featuring The St. Bob Flanagan Memoral Sick Clinic with Head Clinicians Sheree Rose and Rhiannon Aarons

Funds raised to go to D.A.D

Dominatrixes Against Donald Trump (D.A.D) is a collective of Pro-Dommes and their allies. Our goal is to highlight the hypocrisy, injustice and double standard that’s applied to sex workers and the politicians that hire them. A Dominatrix who pees on Trump can be sent to jail, while Trump can pay to be peed on and he gets to go to the White House.

We plan to use our Dominatrix skills to humiliate Trump online and IRL until he resigns or is impeached.

Our first political action will be a daring performance in New York titled “Pissed Off”. The piece will be a satire featuring Dominatrix Tara Indiana recreating the Russian hooker scandal by urinating on a Trump effigy. Photographer Sheree Rose will document the event and artist Jeffrey Vallance will provide the art work.

Make a donation to the project here

Author: Margie Schnibbe

I am a multidisciplinary artist making videos, films, drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, writings, zines, music and performances for over thirty years.

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