My Babyhans Live Journal History and Bio

Hello my name is Margie Schnibbe and I am an artist obsessively making videos, drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, writings, performances and zines every day since the 1990’s. Hans Schnibbe (1991-2007) is the name of my dachshund baby and although he is no longer with us on the earth plane I still love him very much. Hans & I moved from NYC to LA together in 1995 and he was my rock. One day I will share the story of the history of my life with Hans from the North Shore of Long Island to Gramercy Park to Rivington Street on the Lower East Side & back to Gramercy Park to the S/M House & Hotel 17, to Westchester County, to the National Shakespeare Conservatory in the Catskills, to CalArts in Valencia, CA to Silver Lake, LA. Hans and I had a long and complex history… best left for a future post.

Amanda Lepore with Baby Hans at Hotel 17 in NYC- 1995

The first website I built was called babyhans in honor of my beloved pet. In June of 2002 I created my first blog. When a friend told me I could have a blog without having to manage all of the coding I switched to Live Journal in 2004. My first entry was titled: RIP Bunny 1999-2004. (… so obv I have a pet thing going on!)
Now after a long hiatus I’m back to blogging! I’m not sure why yet. Maybe because I am horrified by SCROTUS and I hold Facebook and Twitter accountable for his being elected? … and I would like to spend less time on those toxic social media *sites? Or maybe because now that I an nearly a senior citizen (who ever thought I would live this long?) I have a desire to tell my stories? Or maybe because after talking about my life on my KCHUNG Radio show people were like hey (not so) crazy (old) lady! I never knew these things about you! I want to know more! Or maybe because tonight my date’s 1994 Mazda Miata broke down so I’m spending the night alone with my $23,000 in credit card debt and a $5 bottle of Trader Joe’s Sauvignon Blanc?

*BTW- Instagram is still okay.

Hans Object of Desire from margie schnibbe on Vimeo.

I’ve recently updated my Live Journal bio since I’m in a different career place/head space right now.  My initial plan was to keep my blog at LJ but I’ve since learned that in December 2016 LJ servers moved to Russia and questionable content may be at risk of removal, so I’ve decided to start a new blog here at Word Press.

Call me sentimental, but thought I would share my old live journal bio before it disappears forever.

Babyhans Live Journal Bio 2004-2008
The best way to get to know me is to spend some time with me which is kind of hard because I’m always working and have caller ID and as of late prefer to spend most evenings at home curled up with a cheap bottle of wine and a good book or bad movie. However, at times I have been known to frequent various A-List -Hollywood, Art and Porn world parties. Beg me to name drop because it’s not my nature.
I happen to suffer from an acute “Forest for the Trees” syndrome and most times I am so caught up in the mundane details of my daily existence that I forget about much else.

I am very Scorpio with Leo rising and moon in Libra. I am a loyal friend.