Yoga in the Park + Seeking Arrangement

At yoga in the park today I attempted a headstand for the first time & was able to hold my bent legs in the air, but as soon as I straightened them upward those legs flipped right over my head and I did a somersault hitting the grass hard. When I pulled myself onto my knees I  could not stop laughing. I’m usually so uptight about going upside down and anything to do with neck stuff since I read this NY Times Magazine (yoga injury) article in 2012 …  but today’s experience was a total blast. This was a real breakthrough for me.  I felt like a kid again and ready to conquer the world!  And tonight my neck and back have never felt better! After yoga and the day job I went to the gym and ran a couple of miles on the treadmill. I’m brainstorming ways to dig myself out of this financial hole I’m in. Last night I signed up for the website Seeking Arrangement and I’m currently waiting for my profile to be approved (takes 24-48 hours). I am looking for an “investor”. Will I get any date requests? Or am I too old? Will the potential dates be confused by my profile description that was cut and pasted from numerous art grant applications?  Should I have simply stated that I like hiking, cooking, EDM and white wine? I could have used my East LA College student email to get a discount rate on “premium services” (whatever that means)  but I don’t want hooker spam going to my college email account that gets forwarded to my regular gmail account. Oh sh*t did I just call Seeking Arrangement a hooker site? But it’s not an escort site!  It’s a dating site for regular folks who just want other regular folks to give them money and buy them gifts… in exchange for *cough cough* intimate companionship…


photo credit: Tomoko Matsushita

playlist for logging my $27,731.88 in credit card debt (this does not include student loan and other personal loan debt)

Tonight I’ve been updating the excel spreadsheet I made to log my credit card debt. Yes I’ve been avoiding looking at this document for the past six months and yes I’m a big fat mess! But fuck this debt! I will win this battle!  I’m feeling like an old lady listening to pop music I loved when I was a kid.  I’m making a plan and happy to be alive! And I’m disco dancing! Who wants to buy some art? Who needs a tax write off? I have a fiscal sponsor now! DM me for more details!