Excerpt From a Recent Grant Application (Describe the project for which you are seeking an award. Describe how your attached images relate to your proposed project.)

Every day I feed hundreds of wild birds in the parking lot of my art studio. These birds are the inspiration for my recent series of outdoor sculptures built with found objects and readily accessible materials. Throughout the pandemic I have been isolated, but when restrictions are lifted I will return to working in a shared ceramic studio. I will use the project funding to create a large-scale ceramic sculpture that will serve as a permanent outdoor monument to honor the wild birds I love. 

These images are sculptures I built in 2021 inspired by my experiences feeding wild birds in the parking lot of my art studio during the Covid-19 lockdown. While I was in living and working in isolation, my interaction with the wild birds helped me maintain a sense of peace and well-being. In September 2021 the shared ceramic studio where I had been building sculptures prior to the pandemic will reopen. I plan to create a new large-scale high-fired outdoor ceramic sculpture based on these works. 

Catproof Birdfeeder No 1. (Jubilation); 2021; 86 x 55 x 40 inches; wood, palm stalks, aluminum, chains, hardware, barbed wire, birdseed
Catproof Birdfeeder No 2. (Elation); 2021; 72 x 72 x 24 inches; wood, tree branches, steel, latex paint, chains, hardware, birdseed
 Catproof Birdfeeder No 3. (Redemption); 2021; 69 x 32 x 32 inches; aluminum, steel, plastic, rubber tubing, bricks, birdseed 
Fat Bird for Franz West; 2021; 77 x 40 x 34 inches; wood, fabric, plastic, cement, latex paint, hardware, casters
Bird Poem for the World; 2021; 48 x 20 x 16 inches; cement, foam wood, latex paint