The New Breed of Rugged Male (2015)

During one session in 2015, my psychotherapist surprised me by saying I was a sex addict. I assumed this was due to my promiscuity and felt unfairly judged. When I returned home that evening I made a series of collages. This is one collage from that series.

When I look at this series today I ask myself a few questions:
1) Was I castrating the hot men I slept with?
2) Was I castrating my psychotherapist?
3) Was I castrating myself?

The images and the title of the series were found in an issue of Stallion magazine from the 1980’s. I purchased the vintage gay porn magazine at Circus of Books in Silver Lake, Los Angeles in 2012.

*Please note: The background paper is uniformly white. This image is scanned on a flatbed scanner and some of the background color may appear uneven due to the scanning process.

artwork size: 11″ x 14″
materials: vintage magazine photo, paper, glue, thread

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Blue Abstract Ceramic Sculpture with Black, Brown and Red Accents

This handmade ceramic sculpture is various shades of blue with swirls of black, brown and red accents. It is made of stoneware and fired at a high temperature. The glaze surface is mostly matte with accent areas of gloss. The abstract organic form is inspired by my succulent garden and the beautiful blue sky outside my Los Angeles studio. I used slab, coil and pinch techniques to build this sculpture and the surface texture was created by pressing objects against the wet clay. Three different glazes were used to create depth and variation in color.  The sculpture is signed and dated on the bottom.

Size= 7.5”H x 3”W x 4.25”D
Year = 2019

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